New week

A fresh new week of Muay Thai coming up at PTB Academy Liverpool.

With more new starters through the door each week, it’s the best time to start!!

Plenty of partners at all levels, plenty of coaches and senior students on hand to help.

PTB is a super friendly helpful Muay Thai gym!

So let’s do it team, new week!!

Last weeks Muay team…



Off Derby Road L208DL




Some of our grading team practicing this morning.

What a standard of grades!

30 students graded from junior to adult.

Improvement overall was outstanding!!

Very proud coach,

Our Juniors done themselves proud!! Such young ages showing real Muay Thai and Wai Kru, credit to there coach Jodie Clunan.

And a special mention for Annette what an incredible grade! Fantastic mate, preparation payed off massively!

Well done to all who took there grades today, very happy coaches.

Presentation, results and feedback soon.


Off Derby Road L208DL

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